PLC Crematorium

Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore - Tamilnadu design, manufacture and supplies the PLC based Biomass Gasifier Crematorium, LPG Gas Crematorium and Electric Crematorium.

PLC Concept and sequence

The entire cremation functions will be sequenced and the operations will be monitored with a programmed computer. In simple words, start up of the cremation, body charging by trolley movement to place the dead body upon the cremation bed, burner operation, start up and stop of all equipments, end of the cremation, all visuals and alarms controls totally by computer controlled system.

The PLC system also has the manual operation mode for extra safety.

Benefits and PLC based crematorium

Total operation will have so many safety check points and inter related and hence it is highly safe.

For example the for each cremation of LPG gas / Biomass Gasifier Crematorium the “Master Timer” will be set before the “ Blower” get start up. Once the blower started the secondary chamber burner will be switched ON. The primary chamber burner will burn only after the secondary chamber temperature reaches its preset temperature level. Failure or shut down of the blower due to mechanical problem or electric problem the fuel supply will cut off and both will be switch off. Hence completion of one sequence of cremation work will enable the next work of cremation process.

The cremation cannot take place with any sub standard operations.

All operations are time bound.

We can supply the PLC system in which the close relatives can view the cremation ceremony even living at the other continent.