Electric Crematorium

The crematorium technology begun with electrically operated cremators or crematorium and still most of the Europe countries and other developed countries using the electric furnace for cremation of human dead body.

Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore - Tamilnadu design, manufacture , supply and install the Electric Crematorium which needs just about of electric consumption 375 Kwh per human body cremation (average for 4 bodies of continuous cremation).

Electric Cremation Furnace

The Electric crematorium is built with double chamber cremation furnace with a strong cremation bed and secondary air holes. Electric cremation furnace capacity is 54 Kw. The Electric heating coil is made up of NICROME 80/20 in the form of 25mm dia coil with terminal rods and the entire furnace heating coil system (Coil holding brick wall) will be bonded with the side walls. The cremation furnace is constructed with high quality alumina refractory bricks, fire bricks, insulation bricks, arch bricks, various size and types of slabs and bonded with high quality castable, fire clay and mortars with a specific type of curing to the furnace to withstand the temperature up to 1200 degree centigrade.

Cremation process

In electric crematorium furnace always maintains about 650 degree temperature and hence once the rituals for the body is over the body would be placed upon the body charging trolley and moved into the furnace and placed on the cremation bed and the trolley will take back and door furnace completely closed and the cremation begins.

During the cremation, holes designed in the primary chamber let out the flue gas into the secondary chamber where the hazardous flue gas and volatile matters are completely burned and the hot flue gas trenched into wet venture scrubber with cyclone separator where the cyclones are immersed in the water tank and the gas is properly cleaned and cooled and finally the ID fan send out the smoke to 100 feet chimney.

Pollution Control equipments

Our crematorium pollution control board equipments such as wet venture scrubber with cyclone separator and 100 feet chimney for stack make pollution free cremation of human body.

Effluent Treatment Plant for Crematorium

The effluent water in the venture scrubber tank is treated in effluent treatment plant ( ETP) and the treated water is used for garden.

Cremation Time per human dead body : 60 – 90 minutes

Rate of Burning in the Electric Crematorium : 60 Kgs- 65 Kgs/ Per Hour

Ash out time : 30 Minutes after each cremation.

Electric consumption 375 Kwh per human body cremation (average for 4 bodies of continuous cremation).