Crematorium Services

Enviro Care Engineers, Coimbatore - Tamilnadu is offering the following crematorium services to Biomass Gasifier Crematorium, LPG Gas Crematorium and Electric Crematorium

  • Annual Maintenance Contract for Crematorium: - By AMC we undertake all maintenance works related with crematorium (Biomass Gasifer Crematorium, LPG Gas Crematorium and Electric Crematorium).
  • Crematorium consultancy on TURN KEY PROJECT: We offer a DPR with relevant details and stage to stage supervise till the crematorium project is over.
  • Arranging Crematorium Operators: We can arrange well trained crematorium operators to take care day to day to crematorium operation.
  • Supply of Crematorium equipments: We supply producer gas burners, LPG gas burners, Electric Heating Coils for Electric cremation furnace, 100 Feet chimney, body charging trolley, cremation bed, blowers and ID fan for all crematoriums.
  • Conversion of Crematorium: We undertake the conversion of existing cremation furnace into new cremation furnace. The Biomass Gasifier crematorium can be converted into LPG Gs crematorium and the Electric Crematorium can be converted into LPG Gas crematorium and the LPG Gas crematorium converted into Biomass Gasifier Crematorium. According to the conversion we service and or replace the pollution control equipments.
  • Renovation of Crematorium: We undertake the renovation works for the crematorium such as service, repair or alter the cremation furnace, flue gas trench line, replace the venture scrubber with cyclone separator etc.
  • Supply and erection of chimney: We supply and erect 100 feet chimney with all equipments such as stay wires, self support bolts, aviation lamps, lightening arrestor, ladders with chimney service platform, sampling holes, drain pugs etc.